Welcome to Peter’s Contest Page

The game is quite simple. A recent photo of one end of Peter’s reef tank has been chosen by the team. The contest has been broken into two categories.


The first category is simply to count the number of fish in the image at the near end of the tank.


The second category is to name the fish in the image at the near end of the tank. If you can give both the common and scientific names for each fish you score higher.

You may enter both categories, of course. You may enter as often as you like, but only your last entry received before the deadline will be considered as valid.

What’s it worth? For each category, Peter is putting up a gift certificate for goods purchased from any Reef Central sponsor. Each certificate is valued at CDN$500. In the case of a tie the prize will be split.

Careful! There are some tricky fish to spot, let alone identify. Also, there are some reflections in the glass that don’t count. Fish that are too far away to see in focus or that are not in the end of the tank near the camera do not count.

Contest Image

Contest Image

Click on the image above to take you to the image on Phanfare. If you try to Save the image as it appears in your Browser you will probably find it is too small for you to get any accurate idea of the fish.

It is better to use this link to the Contest folder. The Contest Image is the fourth from the left in the top row, IMG_9548.jpg. Use Phanfare’s Download option that appears on-screen with the image to save a much larger copy to your computer (5616 x 3744 pixels @ 61.6 MB).

The other images in the Contest folder may help you in determining the names of some of the fish found in the officially designated Contest Image (IMG_9548.jpg).

The Contest Dates are:

Start: August 22nd, 2011

Finish: September 6th, 2011 at 12:00 midnight EDT

Please forward your Contest entries to: contest at petersfishtank dot com

Good luck!




Count the Fish:  Winner is RC user Russter

Name the Fish:  Winner is RC user FLA2341


Number of fish in the image is 35. Following is the Answers Image and a list of fish.

Contest Image

Contest Answers


Count Common Name                Scientific Name         Total
                                                         by Type
 1    Bluegreen Chromis          Chromis viridis            11
 2    Bluegreen Chromis          Chromis viridis
 3    Blue Chromis               Chromis cyanea             2
 4    Banggai Cardinal           Pterapogon kauderni        2
 5    Bluestriped Fairy Wrasse   Cirrhilabrus timinicki     1
 6    Banggai Cardinal           Pterapogon kauderni
 7    Bluegreen Chromis          Chromis viridis
 8    Bluegreen Chromis          Chromis viridis
 9    Bluegreen Chromis          Chromis viridis
 10   Bluegreen Chromis          Chromis viridis
 11   Vanderbilt’s Chromis       Chromis vanderbilti        1
 12   Bluegreen Chromis          Chromis viridis
 13   Bluegreen Chromis          Chromis viridis
 14   Bluegreen Chromis          Chromis viridis
 15   Bluegreen Chromis          Chromis viridis
 16   Fathead Anthias            Serranocirrhitus latus     1
 17   Yellow Tang                Zebrasoma flavesenes       1
 18   Powder Blue Tang           Acanthurus leucosternon    1
 19   Regal/Blue Hippo Tang      Paracanthurus hepatus      1
 20   Mimic Tang                 Acanthurus pyroferus       1
 21   Foxfaced Rabbitfish        Siganus vulpinus           1
 22   Blue Chromis               Chromis cyanea
 23   Bluegreen Chromis          Chromis viridis
 24   Sailfin Tang               Zebrasoma desjardini       2
 25   Bicolour Pygmy Angel       Centropyge bicolour        1
 26   Mystery Wrasse             Pseudocheillinus ocellatus 1
 27   Purple Tang                Zebrasoma xanthurum        1
 28   Maroon Clownfish           Premnas biaculeatus        1
 29   Moorish Idol               Zanclus canescens          1
 30   Powder Brown Tang          Acanthurus japonicus       1
 31   Sailfin Tang               Zebrasoma desjardini
 32   Bluespotted Jawfish        Opistognathus rosenblatti  1
 33   Spotted Mandarin Goby      Synchiropus picturatus     1
 34   Bluesided Fairy Wrasse     Cirrhilabrus cyanopleura   1
 35   Shrimpfish                 Aeoliscus strigatus        1